Bale Storage Pack v1.0.0.2

Bale Storage Pack v1.0.0.2 FS19

This package contains stock for all Vanilla Bales. The buildings also have a bale shredder with bulk storage.
Changelog Version
– Improved folder structure
– New categories added for a better overview
Changelog version
– Season mask improved
– Clear Areas improved
– Hotspots set
– marker set
– Light made switchable
– Warning stripes made fade out
– Trigger markers made fade out
– Shop images improved
– Bale trigger made movable
– Building moved to new category (AgraZ)
Square bale storage:
Construction costs 75000,-€ , daily costs 10,-€ , bales 768000l capacity ( 96 bales in the exit and 96 bales in the entrance ) bulk 768000l capacity ( 384000l in the exit and 384000l in the entrance )
Round bale warehouse:
Construction costs 75000,-€ , daily costs 10,-€ , bales 912000l capacity ( 114 bales in exit and 114 bales in entrance ) bulk 912000l capacity ( 456000l in exit and 456000l in entrance )
Bulk material storage:
Construction costs 75000,-€ , daily costs 10,-€ , 1000000l bulk material ( grass, hay, silage, straw, chaff )
Bales or bulk material can be delivered and bales or bulk material can be removed again.
Some buildings are courtesy of Lunchbox.
The mod only works in conjunction with Global Company.
Season ready.
Required Mods:

Author: ZoddelZockt

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