Barrel Production

Wood barrel production:
Produces wooden barrels from empty pallets and wooden boards.
Offers the function to create wooden boards from wooden beams.

Construction costs: 100000€ Daily costs: 10€
Capacity: empty pallets, wooden boards and beams 140000l (28 pallets) / barrel pallets and board pallets 450000l (90 pallets) / wood chips 50000l (10 pallets)

The barrels can be sold from version at the sawmill sales or from version at AgraZ Landhandel,
but the drums are needed for further production steps.

The mod only works in connection with Global Company, “Small sawmill and “pallet production”!
Some buildings are courtesy of Lunchbox.
The wooden shelter is a prefab of “Moos Agrar.

Changelog Version
– Price fluctuations for seasons added.
– FillTypes adapted to the “Uniform FillTypes” list.
– Prices for products adjusted.
– With the help of Hijack Hornet, thank you for improving the French translation.
Author: ZoddelZockt

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