Claas Mega Pack

Claas Mega 208,Claas C 600,Claas cutting unit carriage by VertexDezign LS 17 Version
The Claas Mega 200 Series scores with a powerful OM 441A engine and the matching 6 m wide C600 cutting unit.

Technical specifications:
Work lights front,rear and unloading screw
Road speed:25 Km/h
Door and mirror adjustable by mouse
Compatible with quasarF4,CornChampion5R,HS8(,C540),C600(,HV660)

Mega 204:
400L diesel tank
6000L grain tank
OM 441A with 200hp
From 46,000 € to 48,800 €

Mega 208:
500L diesel tank
7500L grain tank
OM 441A with 235hp
From 60,000 € to 62,800 €

Mega 218:
500L diesel tank
8000L grain tank
OM 441A with 270hp
From 73,100 € to 75,900 €

Claas C450,0C510,C600:
Working width:4.5 m,5.1 m,6 m
Working speed:10 km/h
Adjustable reel over mouse
Rapeseed modules clutch
From 10,500 € to 15,500 €

Rapeseed modules C450,C510,C600:
Working width: 4.5 m, 5.1 m, 6 m
Working speed: 10 km / h
Rapeseed modules color choice
From 8,500 € to 12,558 €

Cutting unit carriage:
Single-axle or double-axle
Old or new lighting
Cutting unit holder left or right
From 3,800 € to 10,200 €

Change log:
Claas C450, C510 added
Mega engine data revised
SWW holding technology from Claas Addon added (PC only)
Console update

Change Log:
SWW cutter holder configurable
SWW new lighting configurable
SWW new tire types configurable
SWW double axis configurable
C600 heights improved
Update to
Improved suspension
Tire pressure improved
Mega Kuppulng Configurable
Rapeseed module coupling added
Work lights improved

Change Log:
Mega 204 added
Mega 218 added
LIZARD tires added
MITAS tires added
MICHELIN tires added
C600 heightNode added
Rapeseed modules color choice added
Door animation changed
Mirror changed
Lights improved
Transmission improved
Folder renamed
Renamed Mega 208
SSw renamed
Mega cutting height improved
Author: VertexDezign, Landmensch

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