Dynamic Freeland Heap Storage

4 different outdoor warehouses.
1 heap:
Building costs: 5000 €
Daily: Cost: 10€
Ccapacity: 1000000l
Two piles:
Building costs: 10000 €
Daily: Cost: 10€
Capacity: 2000000l
Four piles:
Building costs: 20000 €
Daily: Cost: 10€
Capacity: 4000000l
Four piles in a row:
Building costs: 20000 €
Daily: Cost: 10€
Capacity: 4000000l
Decide which bunch you want to use.
Press the T key to select the heap to load: R key
The mod only works in conjunction with Global Company.
Changelog version
– Russian translation added
– French translation added
– Small bugs fixed
Changelog version
– Improved folder structure
– New category added for better overview
– Maize Plus made compatible
– Multifruit made compatible
– Further FillTypes added ( compost, beet pulp, cereal meal, boiled potatoes, bark mulch )
Changelog version
– Added corner markers for better placement
– Lamps made switchable
– Corner markings made fade out.
Changelog version
– Shovel removal, handling improved
– Season masks set
– Clear Areas improved
– Floodlight added
– Ground textures adapted
– Hotspots set
– Marker set
– Building moved to new category

Author: ZoddelZockt

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