EDGE Field Roller

Rollers for removing fields and making your farm clean, they can also be used to remove snow.
Accurate and easy to use 3-point attacher. They are also remote controlled, if you ever need to move them without a tractor.

–Technical Info–
Field Roller S:
Price: 4.900€
Size: 3 x 1.5 Meters.
Weight: 1580kg
Working width: 3 Meters.
Max. working speed: 17 kph
Required power: 40 hp+

Field Roller M:
Price: 6.900€
Size: 4 x 1.5 Meters.
Weight: 1980kg
Working width: 4 Meters.
Max. working speed: 17 kph
Required power: 50 hp+

Field Roller L:
Price: 8.900€
Size: 6 x 1.5 Meters.
Weight: 2580kg
Working width: 6 Meters.
Max. working speed: 17 kph
Required power: 60 hp+

– Supports „Seasons” and „Courseplay Six”.

– Added 6m Option
– Changed it to a single item with size options
– Added l10n for names++
– Updated the mod with more languages.
– Created new 3D object, and put it in seperate model so that the old one is still available.
– Loads of new design stuff added.
– Added lights & warning signs.
– Created loads of configuration options.
– Added Italian translation.
– New drums & with separate color choice.
– New store photos & mod icon.
– Fixed a few misplaced UVs on the old model.
Author: Edge Gaming

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