FDR Logging Mods Pack APR/24/2020

FDR Logging Mods Pack APR/24/2020
New Mod – Timberpro Clambunk
New Mod – John Deere 648h Skidder
New Mod – Fixed Picker Grapple
New Mod – C100 (Revised With Single Claw Set For Better Grabs)
New Mod – Dangle Waratah Processor (New Model, New Sfx Total Rebuild)
New Mod – Fixed Waratah Processor (New Model, New Sfx Total Rebuild)
New Mod – Medium Log Trailer
**Warning** Updating Any Of The Maps Can Cause The Trees To Grow Back On Some Savegames (Starting Over On Maps Is Recommended)
All Maps – Cleaned Up Files On Maps And Did Some Internal Re-Directing, Total File Sizes Of All Maps Are Now Under 85mb Each
All Maps – Fixed Missing Tree Normals (Not Sure What Happened Here But The Trees Should Look More Detailed Now, Not Blurry)
All Maps – Increased Nighttime Mill Lights Range And Brightness
All Maps – Increased Starting Space To Allow For Fdr Placeable Mill
All Maps – Increased Tree Weights, Work Amazing With New Grapples, Smooth Loading And Superior Handling
All Maps – Fixed Issue Where You Could Hear Ambient Sounds While Inside Machine Cabs, Now Is Silent
All Maps – Added Wood And Chip Sell Points (By Popular Request)
All Maps – Removed Water Warning “Do Not Drive In Too Deeply” (Thanks Myrithis Catalyst)
Enders Forest – Fixed Cedar Trees Weird Texture Line Split Between The Two Sides Of The Tree
All Machines – Lowered Lod Distance To Greatly Increase Fps Performance
All Machines – Fixed Lots Of Head Tilt And Cylinder Clipping Issues
All Machines – Added Minor Interior Panel Details To Give The Cab A Nicer Look
All Machines – All Lights Slightly Increased In Brightness
All Machines – Fixed Issue On Machines With Rear Lights Causing Shadow To Flicker On And Off When Rotating Outside Cam
All Machines – Dozens Of Various Balance Issues And Steering Fixes
All Machines – Mud Now Takes Same Amount Of Time As In Game Equipment To Appear On The Machines
All Machines/Attachments – New Sound Effects + Transitions In Audio Fixed All Around Without Clipping And Bad Loops
All Wheeled Machines – Made Brakes Softer So Machines Are Not Doing A Sudden Jitter Stop
All Wheeled Machines – Fixed Issue Where Tires Would Keep Spinning When Coming To A Stop
All Wheeled Machines – General Smoother Gear Switching And Stopping When Switching Forward To Reverse
All Machines Cameras – Adjusted Crane Cameras To Be Above Cab Stops From Glitching Into Cab While Moving
All Machines Cameras – Added Ability To Free Rotate Crane Cameras
All Machines Cameras – Added Head Tracking Support To All Machine Cameras
All Trucks – Fixed Interior Steering Wheel Visual Issue When Using Keyboard, Smoother Turning Less Spinning Jitter
All Trucks – Redirected Files And Cleaned Up Directories Total Mod Sizes Are Much Smaller
All Trailers – Redirected Files And Cleaned Up Directories Total Mod Sizes Are Much Smaller
All Grapples – Lots Of Attachments Have Been Retextured To A More Worn Realistic Looking Texture
All Grapples – Most Have New Store Icons
All Grapples – New Weights And Swing Ranges For Best Loading Performance (Please Use New Map Tree Weights)
All Dangle Grapples – New Top Better Visual Attach Point, Looks Better When Attached To Attachment Machines And Works Great For Processors
All Processors – Cut Length Restricted To 5.6/7.6//9.6/11.6/13.6 Which Are The Only Lengths Needed To Support All Fdr Trailers/Forwarders
All Forwarders/Small Machines – Increased Rotation Speed On Heads For Smaller Attachments
All Small Grapples – Increased Claw Opening And Closing Speed
Dangle Heads – Improved Phsyx So They Move Slightly Less Sluggish And Grab Better
Dangle Clam – Removed Locking Straps From Head So That You Can Lock Forwarder Bed Without Hitting “G”
C350 Buncher – General Reworking Of All Grabs And Phsyx
Butt N Top Grapple – Reworked Collisions, Much Easier To Pickup Logs And Hold Them With Stabilizers
Butt N Top Grapple – Fixed Claw Stabilizers That Would Stick Through Top Of Grapple
Small Dangle Clam – Removed Locking Straps From Head So That You Can Lock Forwarder Bed Without Hitting “G”
Giants Lifted Truck – Changed Weights And Balance So The Truck Doesn’t Do Any Glitchy Turning Or Tailspins At High Speeds
Pup Trailer – Increased Size So Bunks Match Short Log Bunk Size + Better Stability
Utility Trailer – Changed Width Of Trailer To Make It More Highway Friendly And Size Appropriate For Lifted Truck
Cat Grapple Skidder – Increased Grapple Size For Holding More Logs
Cat Grapple Skidder – Changed Rotate Grapple Controls To Same As Spin Head For All Attachment Machines
Cat Winch Skidder – Made It So Machine Doesn’t Go Into High Rpm When Winch Is On (This Was Effecting Machine Speed And Tire Spin)
Timberpro Forwarder – Fixed Exhaust Sticking Off Rear Of Cab Instead Of Out The Pipe
Timberpro Forwarder – Fixed Locking Strap In Middle Floating In Air
Timberpro Forwarder – Fixed Bunk Collisions Being Off Center Of Posts
Timberpro Forwarder – Fixed Boom Lights That Were Not Aimed Properly At Grapple
Timberpro 765 + Widow – Decreased Body Width (After Seeing A Few Pictures Realized Ours Was A Bit Wide)
Highstacker – Made Logo Smaller And Moved Up On Rear Of Machine So It Wasn’t “Floating”
Tracked Timberpro’s – Fixed Tilt Range To Match Other Attachment Machines (Added Bracket To Increase Range Without Cylinder Clipping)
Letourneau – Made Suspension Smoother For Picking Up Logs, Also Logs Stay Balanced Better In Forks
(Probably Crap Tons More That I Didn’t Remember To Write Down Haha).
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