Ponsse Bison Shuttle

Ponsse Bison Shuttle
The new Bison ActiveFrame from PONSSE is an innovative forwarder. In contrast to all other forwarders, the bison is equipped with a CVT transmission. This makes it possible to drive from 0-20 km / h without changing gears. The sensors installed in the ActiveFrame register sideways movements of the cabin and actively compensate them by hydraulic cylinders up to 7 degrees in every direction.
The shuttle conversion is used to transport the trailer or trailer to difficult-to-access loading points e.g. through deep mud, distant forest areas, etc. There you can either load directly or, thanks to the foldable stanchion, you can still move.
Various trailers can also be attached to the rear of the stake basket.
Price: from € 215,000
EU Stage IIIA: 279ps with particle filter
EU Stage V: 286ps with particle filter
MRF Stage VI +: 345ps without particle filter
MRF Stage VII: 396ps without particle filter
Auxiliary stanchion can be activated during play
Cabin inclination, up to 7 ° in each direction, can be compensated using ActiveFrame
Original Ponsse hood protection and bump shield
Author: MR-Forsttechnik

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