Zetor ZTS 16245

Zetor ZTS 16245
The tractor is converted from FS17 and special credits to Marcello1942,Lechu i Spinah,Agrofarma_Klasok, Banana Joe Modding & Jukka who made a great work. Although the mod was very well made I had to rebuild almost everything to make it work in FS19.
ZTS are 6-cylinder Zetor tractors produced in Slovakia until the end of 20th century.

Suspended cab and seat
Dynamic hoses
Choice of design – with or without cooling box
Choice between stadard version, version with front weights or version with front hitch
Tractor has its own wheels and wheel weights
Choice of engine – ZTS 16245 or ZTS 18345 (decals on the hood are not changing because ZTS 18345 is completely different tractor)
Animated cardan shaft, half-axles in the front axle, radiator fan and other engine parts
IC control – left door, right door, back window, left and right windows, roof hatch
Additional enter/exit animation to the left door
Animation of the pedals and the gear lever
Black exhaust smoke when engine is under load
Realistic engine sounds
Realistic lights
Working dashboard gauges for rpm, water temperature, oil pressure, air pressure and fuel
Dashboard illumination

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