931XC Long Crane

The medium-sized all-round harvester 931 has 8 wheels in the XC version. The XC models are suitable for steep and demanding terrain. They provide extra stability and ensure lower ground pressure.
The IMPEX Forestry Machinery company offers a crane conversion for the harvester. This increases the range from 11 to 15 meters. This enables environmentally friendly use when harvesting wood because the machine has to drive less over the forest ground and the skid paths can be created at wider intervals.
There is also a large selection of Clark tracks.

Price : 485,000 $
Power : 251 hp
Aggregate : C144
Crane reach: 15m


– Tire manufacturer and variant
– Protection
– Color of protection
– Winch
– Color of the hose protector
– Extra fire extinguisher
– Extra lights
– Steering wheel
– Window tint
– Komatsu Smart Crane
– Seat
– Joysticks


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