Albach Diamant 2000

The Diamant 2000 is one of the most powerful self-propelled wood crushers in the world. Founded in Germany in 2006, the ALBACH Maschinenbau GmbH
started manufacturing the Silvator 2000, a heavy-duty self-propelled wood crusher with 50 kph top speed. After constant improvements on the Silvator,
ALBACH presented the Diamant 2000 in 2014 with a new drivetrain and rotor concept, as well as improved dimensions for better mobility. In 2019,
the Diamant 2000 got licensed for German highways by increasing the top speed to 80 kph.
This mod features a highly detailed model, lots of animated parts and a new custom sound from an original Diamant 2000!

– Price: $750,000
– Power: 768hp
– Top speed: 80kph / 50mph
– Steering modes: all, front, street (lowered support wheels + front wheel steering)
– Configuration: rim color
– Configuration: hub color (green, =rim color)
– Configuration: front panel (old, new)
– Configuration: rear panel (old, new)
– Configuration: additional screening basket
– Configuration: decals (old, new)
– Configuration: exhaust pipe (small, large)
– Configuration: beacons (default, LED)


– Rotate the seat by changing the driving direction (default key: Shift + B)
– Control groups: 1 = crane, 2 = pipe, 3 = support feet
– To lower the support wheels, select the third steering mode („street”)


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