Hello and welcome to the Carinthian Alps I hope you have fun

Welcome to the Alpenhill map.

The map is from my home country Austria (Carinthia).

On the map you will find 85 fields (meadows) and forest areas, ranging in size from large to small
Divide sections.

You will find a picturesque village in the mountains where agriculture is still practiced
A biogas plant, inn, supermarket, agricultural trade, fish farm and sawmill were built as production and sales points and much more.

As a player you receive a starting farm with 2 fields and various vehicles and machines
The stables for horses; Cows, pigs and chickens are also on the farm.
The stable for the sheep and the cow pasture are located just outside.
You can get water from the lake and rivers
Clover was used as an additional fruit
Hof 2 and Hof 3 as well as bio-heating plant
must be purchased through the farmland
The fire station must also be purchased through the farmland
However, the farmland is free


Bavarian Farm Pack

awmill Pack

Decorative Detail Pack

Bioma Power Plant

Home tead Pig Barn


Tyrolean Dairy

Bavarian Hou e

Land berg Farm

Re taurant

Pellet Production

Lower Bavarian Farm Pack

Lime Fertilizer alt Herbicide eed Production

Firewood Production

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