Amazone Power Harrows

The active soil tillage implements from Amazone are ideally suited for seedbed preparation and are mostly operated in combination with a seed drill.
The machines of this pack are very versatile configurable to be prepared for every application. The pack contains two rotary harrows, two rotary cultivators and one drill unit.

Amazone KE 3000 Super:
– Price: 14500€
– Working Width: 3m
– Needed Power: 85PS

Amazone KG 3000 Super:
– Price: 16500€
– Working Width: 3m
– Needed Power: 95PS

Amazone KE 4000 Super:
– Price: 18500€
– Working Width: 4m
– Needed Power: 105PS

Amazone KG 4000 Super:
– Price: 20500€
– Working Width: 4m
– Needed Power: 130PS

Amazone Greendrill 200E:
– Price: 4250€
– Working Width: 3-4m
– Needed Power: 15PS

!This mod has been converted from Fs19!

It looks very nice with the Amazon D9


Jen Havelaar

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