American Falls

Welcome to American Falls!

You have a big job to do on this map! The previous owner here once had a farm in Illinois called Stone Valley. He came here looking for work, and American Falls needed a farmer.

So he was given a chance and did a fantastic job running the area. The local residents helped him out where they could, and the businesses loved working with him.

Then all of sudden… he was gone. He had sold all of the equipment that belonged to the American Falls community, and all the land along with it. Luckily, he didn’t sell the trailer where he once lived.

The American Falls community has been informed that you took over Stone Valley as well, managing to get that farm running in tip-top shape. And your help is needed again! The reason you have been brought here is because American Falls needs a great farmer like you!

Unfortunately there is little money in the pot; just enough to get you going. There’s no equipment to spare, so you’ll have to do local contracts to slowly regain the trust of the community. Use your earnings to buy new farming equipment and eventually buy the land back.

Are you up for the challenge? Can you regain the trust of American Falls?

– All fields are fictional
– Dont sell animal farms
– Start up the shop gates wont open till 9.00am but will open and close as normal after { 8.00am and close at 16.00 }
– Mud System { opitional } pc only
– Field floods
– River bank floods
– Working road cats eyes { now stay on your side of the road }
– 4 x new custom crops { alfalfa rye flax & clover}
– 4D Modding – Eire Agri Modding Custom Slurry Textures
– New well made corn { maize crops } by Benji FS
– soybeans in rows
– Start from scratch & Farm manager added
– Cows can produce manure
– pigs can produce manure
– 12 Custom farm placeables added
– 8 Selling points
– 1 x bale selling point
– 1 x log selling point
– Alfalfa silage clamps added
– Oxygendavid Custom lighting
– PaintableField added
– Brand new designed models by Lancyboi
– AI Helper Added
– 50 fields
– 4 forrestry areas
– 2 x productions added
– Seasons visuals
– Collectables
– All land purchased before using animals & farm areas


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