Auensee 4X

Welcome to the Auensee 4x
The map was reproduced from standard to quadruple and with several modifications.
Basically, around 80% is taken over by Auensee22.
The port has been modernized and expanded. IKEA had to give in, but now there is a furniture store in town for sale.
The Country Trade has been added as an additional point of sale and the BGA Farm has been replaced with a larger one.
The local bakery is now just an outlet, but there is a large bakery on the map for production.
Other changes: OBI with wood intake Mixer as complete replacement of fermenter, mineral feed and animal feed New snack bar on the beach School in town Gas station moved More fields (26) all welcoming Replaced at the Freiland nursery Strawberry Mountains Two large open spaces for additional Multi-fruit farms like Auensee 22
Warning: As with Auensee22, the map only works if you start with the EASY difficulty level!
Bug fix in update 1.1
Missing entries in store items have been fixed, so the landscape module for paint factories now works and pallets now appear at the butcher. Added the grain trade and the ramp at the butcher Colli so that the machines can no longer pass. . Unnecessary decorative pallets behind the sawmill removed Thank you very much for the advice from „Toxic01979” and „do nothing”.
There is no need to start a new game.



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