Autodrive Huron Michigan XL

This is an auto drive file for Huron County Michigan XL.

If you like very large fields and big tools, this is for you.
However, the map is not yet finished.
If and/or when the map is updated can you copy the autodriving file. .xml from your old backup to the new one.
There are 8-12 biomass cogeneration plants placed in odd locations on the map.
I only scored one.
I deleted the rest or tried to place waypoints on all main routes and most productions. and points of sale.
You will need to mark your fields.
I only marked the ones I use.
There are some circuits on the main farm that you may need to modify or remove. These will be used for some placeables that I usually use.
I found it helpful to mark equipment exits from certain fields.
Otherwise, your equipment may make the long journey home.
The main farm’s silo marker is in a folder that contains nothing other than the silo marker.
Indeed, for some strange reason, Courseplay randomly places the dump target in something. otherwise, the record changes when the vehicle leaves the trigger. I haven’t tested the file thoroughly. However, there shouldn’t be many problems.
Unzip the file on your desktop and move it to your backup folder.
Overwriting the file will erase everything you’ve already done. So use with caution.



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