Autodrive Landownunda 16x

Hello everyone,

I once drove an autodrive course (including catch lines – 106 fields) for Landownunda 16 times. (right-hand traffic) (version number of the map adopted)

I created CP field edge courses for field 49. 49 A, 49 B, 49 C. It works quite well to harvest from A to B to C.

There are also some parking spaces in the starting yard.

There could be stress with trees on the roadsides! I drove very far to the right so that it fits in the middle and avoided some of the trees. (LumberJack at ModHub helps :-)) Everything fits with standard vehicle widths.

Anyone who has to drive cotton harvesters etc. cannot avoid the chainsaw. This is dedicated to the narrow streets or the trees that are too close to the street.

I drove it in with a FENDT1000 Vario + wide tires (no twin tires



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