AutoDrive „Schwaadeheim”

AutoDrive route network for the map „Schwaadeheim” from DS-Power // English version with Readme.txt inside!

Download the map:

Uploading to third-party websites is not permitted without my consent!
Original download only on, or – everything else is stolen…
Out of respect for my work, please always use the original link, thank you!

The route network was completely driven in by me. Only the main roads were generated by AD from the splines but were partially optimized by me.
It has been tested with various vehicles, but it can still happen that it doesn’t fit 100% in one place or another.
Please report something like this to me so that I can correct it or adapt it for yourself.

The card is generally designed for vehicles, trailers, etc. up to medium size. Therefore, trailers with more than 2 axles should be avoided.

The following was brought in:
– all streets, field paths and all associated intersections and junctions including right-of-way rules
– all yards including unloading and removal points, bunker silos, stables, some parking spaces, workshop, etc.
– all fields and meadows including catch lines
– all productions as well as purchasing and sales points
– Gas station

Note: The appropriate map and vehicle settings have already been saved as standard in the config. You can transfer them to existing ones using the “Restore” button.
Otherwise: Activate folder, collision height above ground at 1.75m, collision detection on „FS 19”, max. silo distance at 25m, nearest field exit

Abbreviations for the target points:
Anl. = delivery, unloading
Ent. = removal, collection

Have fun with this course!


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