Welcome to this large map of Eastern Europe with large fields and cities like so many in Poland!

Map information:
Standard crops
13 – fields
1 – stable
2 – sheepfolds (near the house and in Berezovka)
2 – henhouse (next to the house and near the fish farm)
1 – pigsty Several forest areas Numerous lawns for haymaking
There is land in the city for your own production Production:
Smokehouse Fish farming Sugar factory Dairy Bakery Flour mill Oil mill BGA Seed and fertilizer production
Food production Greenhouses near the house Sawmill and furniture production
There is a sand quarry and 3 sand sales points.

NOTE: The board has a built-in house trigger, purchased in the „Cottages” section, you should set it wisely, because
There is a small collision above the trigger so you can sell it later and put it in another place.
The train on the map is standard, without functionality, purely decorative.
To operate enclosures with animals, you must purchase land.
For correct operation, the BGA is purchased with the site.

List of changes for version
– fixed trigger for the sale of cotton
– fixed warnings on smoked fish/meat pallets
– fixed fixed fodder in a large sheepfold
– made hay storage and greenhouses near the house negotiable
– made root crop storage marketable
– added new colorings to the „landscape editor”
– the size of unloading triggers in tuber storages has been increased
– added to the main workshop of the base, the possibility of repainting and selling equipment
– in the warehouse, near the animal dealer, addition of slabs crossing the railway, to facilitate exit
– slightly increased the yield of beans and sunflowers
– added the possibility of sowing spring wheat and barley
– a small number of decorative trees have been added (mainly along the edges of the map and they will only be displayed correctly after starting a new game)
– the crops were removed from the “bakery factory” point of sale: sunflower, canola, soya
– the spawn location of equipment near the store has been adjusted
– added more animals to the smokehouse
– increased „triggers” at auto-opening doors on the map
– moved the posts next to the road near the third field
– slightly increased the productivity of fish farming
– adjustment of „route splines for mercenaries”
– increased the „triggers” at the water towers
– removal of some „waste” in the barn. There is no need to start a new game!



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