Béthemont la Forêt


Audio (various ambient sounds)
3D Spline (birds, plane, butterfly, Fenwick)
Complete modification of crops (densities and textures)
Hoff Bergemann vegetable garden
Apple production
2 complete and detailed villages
A landscaping company
A mole silo
Nursery (manure sale)
An outdoor cow pasture
A hara (point of sale)
2 cooperative (Sale of cereals, purchase of fertilizer/lime)
An ETA (Trigger modification, gasoline, nitrogen tank)
Individual (sale of wood and grass in bulk)
Maize plus silo
An open landfill
A beef farm (veal, complete trigger, Maize plus)
Cheese shop
Concession (possibility of modifying the vehicle behind)
A grain and pig farm (essence, modification, sleep trigger)

Lots of other things are still waiting for you on the MAP

A big thank you to: Anthony, Baptiste, Gabin, Romain, Maxime, Stephane for the tests
Stephane for the 3D of ETA
MA7 for Castelnaud buildings and placeable
Ditch for the deal
Benoit 95 for the super base (FS13)
Maxime, AgriAX for the mapping with me!
Farmer Andy for the environment and features of the Hoff
All the creators who share their 3D and placeable!

Some mods are present in the pack and not required mods because not available on the site / modified!

Finally thank you for reading everything, this is a V1 for bugs you can report them
the bugs to the Facebook profile “Jean Viliers”!


Metal hed

Metal hed


Garage 40×10

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