BFS Polonez Caro

This is a Polonez Caro mod for Farming 22. Rebuilt from Farming 19, but practically everything has changed!

Price: €5000
Performance: 81-110 km (depending on engine)
Maximum speed: 120 km/h

– Opening hood (with change of engine model depending on engine) and opening trunk* (requires simple IC)*
– Functional navigation with Real GPS Mod (If you don’t have it, an image of the navigation will be displayed on the screen)
– Passenger Mod * (Kubota DLC) *
-Working radio with some songs* (You need to specify the audio system in the settings. If you don’t configure it, the „x’s” from the IC panel will appear in the radio, but they will not work.)*
-Many configurations
-Can drift BUT the car is still very stable
-On NON-Polish maps the license plates in the game look strange because the plates on these maps have a different shape, on Polish maps the plates match

– the rims,
– license plates (with game plates to configure or with a plate texture),
-seconds (Orciari package, etc.),
– blinds on the rear window,
– steering wheel (including POT option or steering wheel with MERCEDES star xD),
– audio system,
– door stickers (e.g. with the initial D),
– stickers on the tailgate,
– color (car cabin),
-color (bumpers, door trims, spoilers, etc.)

This is just our first MORE ADVANCED modification, made on the basis of another Polonez Caro.
We apologize for any mistakes (if any), but we’re still learning!
We put a lot of effort into creating this mod


imple IC

Kubota Pack Pa enger Exten ion


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