Big Master Fendt

The Böckmann „Big Master Fendt” is inspired by the Neo Fendt model.
The special model from the tractor manufacturer and main sponsor of the German national equestrian teams attracted everyone’s attention in 2021 in the trendy Fendt design, including the signatures of all German riders who took part in the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo .
In cooperation with the German national team, a great cooperation arose, in which Fendt donated €100 to the association „Pferde für meine Kinder e.V.” for each social media post within the framework of a charity campaign.
Fendt raffled the Neo SKA in the green and white Fendt design with red rims among all participants who provided their personal message with the hashtag #FENDTasticTeam on Facebook or Instagram by November 30, 2021. The value of the trailer is greater than 18,000 euros.

● Grand Master Fendt
● Purchase price: €18,949
● Shop Category: Shop / Hardware / Pet Transport


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