Bjornholm is a typical European rural landscape, with large tracts of agricultural land and beautiful natural surroundings.
The map features a varied topography, including rolling hills, flat areas and some scattered bodies of water, such as rivers and lakes.
The terrain is covered by fertile fields and forests, providing players with a variety of options for agricultural activities.
There are a limited number of plots of land available for purchase, which adds an additional challenge for those looking to expand their operations.
Bjornholm has a variety of facilities and services needed to run a successful farm.
This includes a central farm with stables for livestock, a barn for storing crops and equipment, as well as a service station for refuelling agricultural machinery.
In addition, the map is equipped with a selection of vehicles and basic farming tools for players to use in their daily activities.
Different selling points can also be found, such as a farm shop and a mill, where harvested products can be sold for income.
In summary, Farming Simulator’s Bjornholm map offers a diverse and challenging farming environment,
with beautiful landscapes and a variety of resources and options available to players who want to immerse themselves in the farming environment.
options available to players who wish to immerse themselves in the life of a virtual farmer.

– 41 Fields
– 8 points of sale
– 1 BGA
– Pastures of cows, sheep and chickens
– 5 forest plots
– 3 Greenhouses


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