BMW M4 F80 Tuning

it’s the M4 F80 (which was based on the M4 GTS from MyGameSteam) that I had already released but this time it’s an ”Aberrant” Tuning version as GMK would say????.

what I changed from the original version:
– add a ducktail fin or duckbill on the rear trunk
– add the Motorsport color stripes along the entire length of the car
– add the Motorsport color bands on the front beans (the grille)
– replace the original rims with Vossen CVT brand rims
-add La Boiserie stickers (Portuguese flag version because I am Portuguese)
– add kingmods stickers
-add M Perfomance stickers
-add JP Performance stickers (German youtuber specializing in tuning who has his garage in Dortmund and for those who had seen him who created the vw Beetle of Grand Turismo in real life this Beetle: https://fr
-replace the BMW logo with the new BMW logo (created for the 50th anniversary of BMW Motorsport)
-replaces the simple ic by the interactive control

It’s not planned to release this version but, I decided to release it anyway, because I’m stopping modding to come back later with lots of new mods ????, So enjoy this BMW M4 Aberrant ????????, and see you soon ????


Interactive Control

Oceń modyfikacje


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