Bortolon Map

Welcome to FS22_Bortolon_Map_V1!

– The map has BR nameplates
– 1 large farm with all available animals, including the NEW animals! (ducks also lay eggs).
– 1 farm for you to use your imagination!
– 46 purchasable lands and 35 with quests!
– 10 new crops on the map ( Millet, Rice, Rye, Flaxseed, Peas, Black Beans, Carioca Beans, Garlic, Onion, Lavender )
– greenhouses with Carrot, Red cabbage, Pumpkin, watermelon….
– has mods on the map to harvest certain crops.
– a limestone mine where you can buy! it has a loose limestone area too!
– animal trader.
– sawmill.
– vehicle shop.
– sale of Fredyy bales.
– 5 grain sales points. (Joelcio grains, Macedo grains, Edmais grains, Trans Brasil grains, Nasfer grains).
– Factories! such as flour factory, Saboo oil, Libs juice factory and imports, Alambique da Roça that makes cachaça, among others…
– It has a restaurant, a Seu Furico market, a bakery, among others…
– pedestrian traffic and active vehicles.
– medium and large fields.

— Have a good game!

— Miserable Mods discord!

— the map has signs with the partners of the miserable mods!


Mizeravei Mod

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