Bucher Pack

Here is a Pack from the Bucher brand
It includes the following machines:

Bucher 4-cylinder tractor:

Configurable in D4000, D1700, B1500 and P2100
A turbocharger can also be selected in the engine configuration.

Wheel configurations include Trelleborg, Continental, Michelin and Kleber tires.
All these elements are also available in double wheels version, with chains or double wheels with chains.
The Trelleborg is also available as a maintenance tire.

When it comes to the exhaust, there is the stock downpipe, a straight uppipe, or an upward angled exhaust pipe.

The design can be configured for field rail (necessary as a hitch or to connect the star rake), Swiss flags and canopy.
Two Baas front loading consoles can also be attached.

As for the colors, you can choose between Bucher red and Bucher green, these colors are also available in used versions.

Bucher 2-cylinder tractor:

This model is configurable as: D1800, D1700 (1954) and as D2000.

The remaining configurations are the same as the 4-cylinder model.

Bucher weight 800kg

The weight can be attached to the front of the tongue rail or to a hitch.

This one also has a color configuration that can be selected between red and green.

Bucher T50 cutting bar

This one also has the color configuration between red and green.
The mower has a working width of 2 m and a working speed of 10 km/h.

Front star rake with 4 swath stars

The star rake has two color configurations, one for the frame and one for the stripe stars, with beige added to the stars.

Front star rake with 5 swath stars

This star rake has the same configurations as the first.

I hope you have fun with the mod.


T. Modding LeGYK

pic by gueldner

MyGame team

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