Bührer 6105 Turbotrac

Bührer 6105 Turbotrac

The Bührer from the base game has received a facelift: Inspired by the Mercedes-Benz OM352 engine, a new body variant has been created in the workshop. „The Turbotrac”!
This and other models are now available to you in the matching Mercedes-Benz color.

Price: €39,000
Power: 100 hp
Speed: 35km/h

• Choice of Original Bührer, Bührer SuperSix, Turbotrac and Silverturbo colours. Each in old and new paint
• Topless design, roll bar, cab
• 42 tire variants
• 2 variants of air filter
• 4 exhaust variants
• Tags
• Accessory for Stoll Super1 front loader
• Front linkage
• simpleIC (by modelleicher)
• Exhaust extension (by VectorMan)

• New sounds!!!
• Front license plate
• new DynamicHoses electrical connections
• new collision
• Hidden IC crosses for configurations that are not needed
• Completely merged model Mesh split
• Changing the color of the headlights
• Dashboard lighting
• Exhaust extension

Simple Bührer IC applications (to be able to use all functions, the latest version is required):
– Show and hide front fenders
– Show and hide rear fender
– Show and hide tags
– Open doors


imple IC

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