Welcome to the Burgenlandkreis, a region in the south of Sachsen-Anhalt. Adjacent to the Saale/Unstrut wine region.
The map was modeled on the region with 2 real villages and 1 fictitious commercial area

-67 fields incl. meadows
-19 forest plots
-Videocassettes as collectibles (note the toy is not for collecting)

In the villages you will find:
Farmlands Priessnitz
-Kuhhof Kriependorf (cows, chickens)
-Honey Fiedler (chickens,bees)
-Farm Schmiedel (pigs, cows)
-LPG Prießnitz (workshop, grain store)
-Sheep pens outside the village
-Lime mine outside of the village
-Dairy Farm (Place the crap plate yourself)
-BGA Priessnitz
-Agriculture dealers

Productions/points of sale Prießnitz
-furniture making
-Construction site
-Clothes of the world

Farmlands Janisroda
-Farmer Peters (cows, pigs) (Place the crap plate yourself)
-Shepherd Wilfried (sheep incl. fabric production)
-Timbering fam. Birkholz
-Pig fattening Janisroda

Productions/points of sale Janisroda
-Workshop with sales point for motor oil
-Restaurant „Local inn”
-sugar factory
-pet dealer
-2 construction sites for stones and lime/cement in the pig fattening

Farmland Industrial Park
-Logistic hall with mixed pallet production for supermarket
-Solar park
-2 building areas

Productions/points of sale commercial area
-Gas station with workshop and purchase of motor oil
-oil mill
-grain mill
-cement factory

We recommend the mods
– „MoreTrees” by KR Softwares (for PC players)
– „Platinum Expansion” by Giants
-„Precision Farming DLC” by Giants

Use the multiplayer map only in multiplayer and the single player map only in single player because otherwise there will be problems with gates, vehicles and buildings.

Now we wish you a lot of fun discovering the map.


Bavarian Farm Pack

Bale And Vehicle helter

Univer al Porch Roof

Grain torage Pack

Placeable Building Pack

Placeable Vehicle Pack

Concrete Fence And Gate

He ian Farm

tone Wall

Old Pig Fattening Barn

Cow hed With Barn

Medium ized Warehou e

Pack Of mall Building

Half-Timbered Barn

Building For Colony

Riding Hall

GDR Building Package

Franconian Farm Building

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