Buying Price Difficulty Correction

Simple mod to adjust the buying prices of buying stations to the difficulty level so that money cannot be cheated on MP servers through cheap buying and expensive selling.

In the FS, prices are all defined for the economy on Hard. If you now play on Easy, the sales prices are increased by a factor. However, the purchase prices are not. This does not matter on standard maps, as you can only buy seeds, for example, and not sell them. With mods and on mod maps, however, you can now also sell the bulk goods that you can buy. On an economy level other than Hard, this means that you can buy seeds cheaply and sell them at a high price and thus cheat in multiplayer. If you want to prevent this, simply use this mod. The mod increases the purchase prices of bulk goods and liquids and purchase silos by the same factor as the sales prices, so that there is no imbalance.

The prices at the vehicle dealer are not affected by this. The sales prices are still subject to fluctuation through the economic system and the purchase prices remain constant.

This correction is already included in Production Revamp and can be activated there in the menu.
This mod is intended for servers on which Revamp cannot be used or on which you do not want to use Revamp.



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