Cobra DRI65 Road Crusher

Cobra DRI65 Road Crusher

Prize at stake: €28,000
Manufacturer: Saelen TS Industrie
Model production year ~2010-2017

To use the road chopper, follow these simple steps: approach the chopper, step into it and start the engine, similar to how tractors work. Once done, deploy the crusher using the “O” key on your keyboard. If a skip is nearby, don’t worry if the nozzle makes a strange movement, as the chipper will detect it. Make sure the grinder is deployed and the motor is running, then press the „B” key to activate grinding.

The chipper will only handle reasonably sized branches or logs, and is not suitable for huge trunks. Although the rotor part does not rotate visually (3D problem), the sound of the grinder indicates that it is active.

You have the option to choose whether or not to install a license plate. You can also unload the wood chips on the ground or into different dumpsters, preferably smaller ones like the ANS-1900 or a small dump truck. The lights, turn signals and reverse lights work properly.

The „O” key allows you to fold the crusher once deactivated with the „B” key, and vice versa. No error is reported in the log. Don’t hesitate to share your feedback on this mod; updates may be considered in the future.

Good game everyone !





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