Coming Home

Coming Home is a map about returning to the farm your family built over many years. Your grandfather’s farm has changed a lot since you last visited, and it is now up to you to pick up where he left off to continue building a legacy for your family.

The town has grown, new businesses have arrived, and new Industries have sprung up while you were gone. Your challenge is to continue where your family left off, expand into new markets, and ensure the farm thrives.

Coming Home is a standard-size map that is row crop ready and contains multi-terrain angle built-in. It supports the platinum and the premium DLCs and has several custom factories to help you handle the day-to-day needs of your farm.

The traffic on this map is all older vehicles and uses several individual loops. Many pedestrian splines around the map will help build an immersive experience when playing Coming Home 22.

Buying and selling materials is easy; there are seed production, lime production, and Compost Facilities to help make organic farming easier. The crop calendar is custom and allows double cropping several crops, and the map plays great using the start and spring mod.

Lastly, custom storage buildings for bales, pallets, straw and grass, and root crops are available on your farm at the start of the game in new farmer mode. They can also be found in the store and placed in other areas, like the second farm, should you choose to use that farm instead of the main one.

Have fun with the map, and let me know if you find any problems. Don’t forget the success of the farm cause is squarely on your shoulders.

There is an issue with the harvest contracts and I cant seem to track it down. They are not completing in many cases, but the HarvestMissionFix mod by loki79 makes them work. Download it from this link to ensure the author gets credit for their work please!

NOTE: This map requires the Platinum AND Premium DLCs to work correctly. Yes, you can play without them, but there will be errors in the log related to unsupported fill types that are part of those addons.

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