Cow Barn Big With LIZARD Mixfeeder

Cowbarn with LIZARD mixfeeder system at monorail construction,
increases the efficiency of the feeding process in your dairy farm
and you’ll benefit from precise group feeding and optimal feed management.

Technical specifications:

Large cowshed
Price: 715000$
Capacity: 500 animals
Food Capacity: 150000l
Milk tank: 80000l
Liquid manure: 150000l
Straw: 45000l
Maintenance costs: 450$ / day
Dimensions: approx 68m x 91m

GEA mix feeder
Bunker capacity feeder: 7500l
Bunker capacity silage: 115000l
Bunker capacity straw: 49000l
Bunker capacity hay: 49000l
Bunker capacity mineral feed: 49000l
Raw materials required: silage / hay / straw / mineral feed
Product: forage

Due to missing basegame possibility to create a fillvolume, the shown fillplane in each bunker of the Mixfeeder,
doesn’t reflect the actual amount of given material and act only as a visual thing.
Each of the fillplane will become invisible once the given material reach 0.
In some cases the fillplanes are shown in each bunker after placement, although the amount is still 0.


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