Crude Oil Production

I present to you a modification thanks to which you will be able to extract oil in FS22 and then process it into several derivative products.
Thanks to the oil well pump and empty barrels, you will extract oil to the surface and then transport it on pallets to one of the three refineries.
You can also sell oil directly at a dedicated collection point.
A large oil pump doesn’t need empty barrels to deliver it, just turn on the production, pay for it and you can pick up the finished oil using a tanker truck or a small barrel that is also included in this mod.
After delivering the oil to one of the three refineries, you can process it into – diesel oil, motor oil, kerosene, paraffin and bearing grease.
Once you have produced the finished pallets, you can transport them to three dedicated collection points that you can set up.
You can sell less oil in the small stall, but you can sell large amounts of pallets for a higher price in the other two shops.
In addition, the old tank can be placed in several ways. It can be used as a fuel storage tank, a slurry storage tank or an oil collection point.
In photo number 2 you can see the entire oil production chain.
Fuel from the refinery can be transported in tankers, sold at the dealer and refueled.
Attention! The oil well pump produces crude oil in pallets, while the large oil pump produces crude oil that you transport with a tanker truck.

Oil well pump:
– Price: $100,000
Entrance – empty oil barrel
Output – Crude oil

Large Oil Pump:
– Price: $200,000
Entrance – empty
Output – Crude oil

– Price: $80,000
– Hourly income: $200

Old big tank:
– Price $15,000
– Capacity 70,000 liters

Small Refinery:
– Price $70,000

Medium Refinery:
– Price $150,000

Large Refinery:
– Price $500,000

Sales booth:
– Price $4,000

Average purchase:
– Price $40,000

Additionally reworked:
With these machines you can transport liquid crude oil and fuel.

I wish you a long fun with oil extraction and processing.
Write to me if you find any mistakes or if you need to improve the economy.


Bart oNv3

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