Cutting processor

The cutter processor can be used as a silo to store grass, hay, straw, silage and chaff and now mineral additive, TMR and wood chips!
The processor can also convert basic ingredients into more profitable products.

Cut Processor version 5 allows multiple side-by-side conversions with huge storage capacities (1,500,000 l for each product except mineral additive set at 250,000 l).

Active distribution for all outputs. For example, silage can be sent to your BGA site (if owned) without having to transport it as long as there is some in the unit.
Attention, the distribution does not work for animal products.

NEW – Bullet processor now added to the grid. You can now add baled products as well as bulk products

Change log
Added wood shavings to chaff processing option
Added bale unloading for straw, grass, hay, silage and woodchips
Delivered updated with color (or color if American) on the output module
Added TMR production option with best mix ratio for silage/hay/straw/mineral additive
Accelerated discharge


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