Czajkowski Strip-Till Seeder

Manufacturer: Czajkowski Uprawa Pasowa
Models: STK300 & PS300S
Type: Strip-Till equipment
Price: 38,200$ – 172,000$
Working width: 3.0m – 4.5m (9.8ft – 14.8ft)
Working speed: 18kph (11mph)

Czajkowski STK strip cultivation unit is a compact machine that perfectly fits the needs
Polish farmers, most of whom have tractors with a capacity of 150-250 HP. Smaller aggregates from
Czajkowski have the same functionalities as the ST series models. Advanced design
enables sowing of all plants at European spacing. The units are ready for one pass
loosen, aerate, deliver fertilizer up to 35 cm deep into the soil, level the field surface and
sow a plant that interests us. Off-set system used in both the cultivation section and the roller
thickening and leveling enables sowing in even the most difficult conditions without the possibility of clogging
machinery. The PLUS option of the aggregate enables sowing of maize with 6-row seeders of any manufacturer.
The Czajkowski PS attachment is a device specially designed for sowing cereals, rape,
peas, hemp, soybeans and other plants that can be sown in the broadcast sowing system.
Interchangeable sowing elements allowing sowing plants in wide and narrow strips designed
in such a way that the seed is always under the crop residues, independent copying of each one
the sowing section or seed flow sensors guaranteeing the quality and precision of sowing are just some of the
advantages that speak for the use of sowing attachments, min. when sowing cereals.

– Realistic vacuum air blower Sounds,
– Realistic folding animations,
– Realistic speed of folding animations,
– No-Till,
– Separate, change-position particleAnimations,
– True working pressure gauges,
– Tank fillType Configurations,
– Row Units Configurations,
– Spacing Configurations,
– „+Plus” frame Extension Configurations,
– Beacon Configurations,
– Work Lights Configurations,
– Tarp design Configurations,
– Ridge Markers Confiugations,
– Tramline markings Configurations,
– Coulter Configurations,
– All Realistic values,
– All real placed dynamicHoses,
– Flexable dynamicHoses,
– 1:1 Realistic models and details,
– Over 300 moveable elements,
– All proper safety Lables and decals,
– All FS22 standards,
– Fully UDIM model (PBR Textures),
– Wearable and Wahsable,
– Realistic lights,
– Realistic prices,
– Realistic sounds,
– Realistic particle animations,
– High quality Speculars and Normal Maps textures.


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