Dashboard Live

Dashboard Live (short: DBL) allows you to display all kinds of information in your board computers and/or dashboards in all kinds of tractors, no matter what brand.

A zoom function is included for better viewing of displays:
– Left shift key + space bar: Short zoom
– Both shift keys + space bar: Permanent zoom on/off

If supported in the vehicle, the right Alt key and left/right arrow can be used to scroll through displays.

In MultiPlayer game, DBL synchronises engine temperature, fuel and air consumption from the server to the clients.

What can be displayed?

Basic game:
– Status of the front and rear linkage
– Status of attached implements and trailers
– Fill levels
– Compass heading
– PTOs
– Display of the currently active implement

– Status of the differential locks
– Status of the all-wheel drive
– Hold speed
– GPS status

Enhanced Vehicle:
– Status of the differential locks
– Status of the all-wheel drive

Guidance Steering
– GPS status
– Working width
– GPS Track

Headland Management:
– Status
– Field/Headland mode

– All displays of the ProSeed HUD

All supported mods are optional.

Important: Dashboard Live has to be build into vehicles first, to integrate functions and displays.
A rough installation guide is included and there will also be video tutorials available soon.

Further ideas or requests are welcome at GitHub: FS22_DashboardLive.


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