Demco 60 3-point toolbar

60-inch Toolbar Design and Features
• The wings “fold” upwards by 8° to avoid damaging the crop when turning over at the end of the row. The outer wings of the 60-inch bars rise an additional 8°
• Central linkage with 2 cylinders – one to fold and one to “raise” the wings
• Double bar design provides maximum strength (5 x 7 inches)
• 60 mesh supply line filter
• Downward hydraulic pressure holds coulters in the ground for precise depth control. Can be adjusted easily and without tools
• Built-in flex allows the inner wing to move 8˚ above and below horizontal. The 60 inch rod allows the same movement of the outer wing
• Separate hydraulic blocks for the kick-up and folding cylinders prevent the shares from falling into the ground when the blade is unfolded.
GAME FEATURESRealistic moving partsRealistic soundRealistic working width
Required ModsDemco Sidequest 1200 by Custom ModdingDemco Sidequest 1000 by Siid Modding


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