Diesel Production Hirschfeld

Make your own Hirschfeld biodiesel from sunflower and rapeseed.

– Price: 35000€
– Starter: sunflower & canola
– Input capacity: 500000l each
– Output: diesel and pig feed
– Production capacity: 4,500,000 l of diesel and 2,500,000 l of pig feed

2 diesel production lines from rapeseed and sunflower with pig feed as a by-product

-1. Rapeseed Production Line Diesel
500 liters of rapeseed = 750 liters of diesel + 250 liters of pig feed

-2. Diesel production line from sunflowers
500 liters of sunflower = 750 liters of diesel + 250 liters of pig feed

Hog Feed Pallets are self-loading with Achimobil’s Auto Pallet Loader Specialization

Special thanks to Teufels_Drache for the fast delivery of the masonry plaster and mortar bags
and also to [HIP]Toryen for mixing the mortar in the wheelbarrow and bucket

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Author: Cassy Blair Teufels_Drache [HIP] Toryen|Tom

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