Elbe Valley

Welcome to the beautiful Elbe Valley. The landscape includes the original German region Dresden-East – Heidenau – Pirna. The terrain is partly extremely mountainous and partly flat. In contrast to the terrain, the infrastructure is fictitious.
– Size: 4-fold
– There are a total of 72 fields with field sizes ranging from approx. 1 ha to 37 ha.
– There are 3 prepared farms available for MP (only in the Farm Manager level), and one prepared farm for SP (only in the New Farmer level).
– 54 pre-installed productions, all productions, with a few exceptions, require electrical energy to operate. There are numerous energy suppliers available for this purpose.
– All productions have been completely adapted to the Revamp script. This mod is absolutely necessary.
– Additional fruits: rye, spelt, white cabbage, red cabbage, onions, poppy, carrots, parsnips and beet
– All existing fruits can be further processed
– New additional animals: goats, ducks, calves, lambs, chicks and ducklings
– 29 points of sale
– 133 purchasable areas
– Numerous forest areas in the south and north
– All standard products as well as the products on the card can be sold
– Large stables with expanded capacities
– A water extraction point is located at the greenhouses at the main farm, at the north farm and near the south farm.
– Adjusted growing times. The Elbtal’s growth plan is not tied to any region, but has been individually adapted to this map.
– Own customized trailers and harvest vehicles in the shop in their own category
– 2 train routes to drive yourself, both train routes are completely passable
– Several open spaces for your own development
– There are no collectibles on the map.

General note: The railway signals of both train routes should be taken seriously in the area of the main courtyard and the city.


Production Revamp

Hall Pack

Digital Di play

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