European House

The house has a sleep trigger (bed in the upstairs bedroom), wardrobe (chest of drawers in the bedroom closet), fireplace with fire activation. All doors open, lighting in every room. The house has a living room with a fireplace, kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms (there are three, one for sleeping and two for children), dining room, staircase, office, laundry, pantry, three balconies, terrace, garage with workshop, attic with entrance from the staircase.

A request to everyone: if you want to use my mod for your modifications or publish my mod on pages or other groups, then ask me for permission first and keep the author’s credits and original link when publishing.
I hope you all have fun with my house.

⛔️A definite ban on sharing my mods without my consent !


Krzy ztof Dadej

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