Farm Shop

Here you will find several walk-in farm shops for self-marketing of your products.
The farm shops have a production function in order to sell the products little by little.
The farm shops also exist as normal selling stations to sell crops and products immediately.
Both farm shop types are available in three different designs:
One in American style with wooden walls, the color of which you can choose during construction.
Two in German style with different roof and wood colors. Here you can choose the color of windows, doors and beams.
Thats how it works:
At the production farm shops you can deliver almost all products from the base game, as well as potatoes, grapes, olives, eggs and milk.
The delivered products become visible on the shop shelves as soon as the corresponding production chain is activated.
Little by little, the products turn into money, which is paid out every hour.
So that patience is rewarded and self-marketing is also worthwhile in real life, you get more money when selling gradually than when selling at a normal selling station.
At the selling station farm shops you can sell all common crops and products as usual and get the money immediately.
Your shelves are immediately stocked with numerous products, even without anything being sold there.

Facts and prices:

Production farm shops:
Sell: Almost all products from the base game (except furniture), as well as potatoes, grapes, olives, eggs and milk
12 slots on consoles

Selling station farm shops:
Sell: All products and all crops
17 slots on consoles



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