Farmville Island

Welcome to Farmview Island Due to severe climate changes, central and southern Europe has been flooded due to rising sea levels.
What remains of the old lands are small islands dotted around central and southern Europe. Farmview Island is one of those islands that emerged in the aftermath where growing crops and raising livestock is still possible.
You are tasked with establishing a new farm to fill the lack of farming products on the market after the floods. You will start with the absolute minimum regarding farming equipment and farm building. There wasn’t enough time to save more before the food hit the land
Will you take on the challenge and prosper once again.

– 27 Farmlands
– Flat map
– Use the water tank on farmland 3 for water, or place your own water source. Not possible to take water from the ocean
– Sellpoint at the shop takes all products
– Animal trader


Farmer Rabbit

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