Fen Edge

Welcome to Fen Edge, a mod map for Farming Simulator 22.

This is my first map so if you’ve come here expecting something that can rival OxygenDavid as premier UK map maker for FS22 then I am sorry to disappoint you, it will not be to that standard. This project has taken me close to 3 years to complete from a point where I’d never played Farming Simulator, never used Giants Editor and never coded LUA or made 3d models to what you see before you. It is my best effort and is quite representative of the area it is covering and includes many custom and bespoke buildings and objects.

Fen Edge has been created to provide the gameplay that I am interested in, by which I mean that it will not be for everyone and that’s OK. There are plenty of excellent maps out there all tailored to different experiences and if you don’t enjoy Fen Edge, please feel free to tell me why. Just don’t expect me to necessarily change anything. The map has been designed for realistic play, and has not been built around productions particularly as I am not interested in them, there are no productions in this initial version of the map although you are of course able to add your own during game play.

The map

The map is based on a real location on the edge of the Lincolnshire Fens although some poetic and creative license has been used to add sell points and in the interests of playability. Fen Edge covers 4 villages in South Kesteven, Lincolnshire and boasts 10 separate farm yards, each with their own distinct and different layouts, positions and buildings. If you use my Pick Your Start Farm mod (and I recommend you do! 😉 ) then you can pick from each one of these, giving different starting vehicle sets and different monetary conditions. Some are easier than others but they’ve been roughly balanced to make them reasonably even. These options will be open to you regardless of what economic difficulty (new farmer, farm manager, start from scratch) you choose, but the starting money will reduce ( and go negative in some cases) the harder the difficulty you’ve chosen.

There are 149 fields ranging from 0.5 Ha to ~28 Ha, an area to purchase to put placeables and a couple of woodlands to buy.

This map has some innovative features which set it apart from other maps.




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