Fendt 400 Vario TMS

Fendt 400 Vario TMS

The Fendt 400 Vario TMS models are perfect all-rounders among compact tractors,
that are characterized by their light construction and excellent manoeuvrability.
In addition, this series is very powerful and still fuel-efficient
and has various work-saving functions so that this series can be used on any farm.

Price: 78.000$
Power: 115-155hp

– Frontloader attacher
– Front hydraulic
– Design options
– Front parts
– Hood detail
– Beacon Lights
and many more…

Engine configuration:

-411 Vario TMS
-412 Vario TMS
-413 Vario TMS
-414 Vario TMS
-415 Vario TMS

– This tractor has Interactive Control (requires FS22_interactiveControl) to open the doors, rear window, front window and
to open the windows etc.
For consoles there is a configuration so that these parts can be opened with mouse control.

This Mod includes an additional 500kg fendt front weight, that can be attached when no front hydraulic is configurated.
This tractor is prepared for precision farming with configurable cropsensors.


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