FilltypesTP for All Maps

FilltypesTP for all maps allow any player have all filltypes in any map without need editing files from the map. The player only need put the inside the mod folder and active. The filltypes are automatically added to terrafarm and the map.

This mod was creating by FS Miner, Nonnus and Echelon. Any modder can use this mod to create facilities/factories placeables but keep the credits.

We apreciate if you find problems report to us for we can solve.

Why V3? Because this mod have create doubts about the script we use, the V3 have now new lines of code and files to show we do not copy the code from Dada modding, or artrem or anyelses. As i explained in other occasions we creeated this mod because we dont knowed already exist one to do what we wanted.

After i see the mod Gameplay Extension I want to apologize for really mods do the same. Me, FS Miner and Echelon we were not aware of this mod, if we had we would never have thought of creating our own.

We apologize for any problems we may have created and one time for all we hope the doubts ends here.


Terrafarm 0.4 MCE 0.4

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