Fleur De Lys

Fleur De Lys v is a complete edit of the Giants Haut-Beyleron map.

There are 4 farmyard areas on the map which you can activate by buying the farmland:

1) Start farm – medium size fields – medium animal barns – 3 greenhouses – vehicles.
2) South farm – large size fields – medium animal barns – 3 greenhouses.
3) North farm – large size fields – medium animal barns – 3 greenhouses.
4) Northwest farm – small size fields – no animals – no greenhouses – made for 3m farming.

Most of the default farm placeables have been slightly modded to improve gameplay and can be renamed or sold.
Nearly all the fields, headlands and farmlands have been edited to be ai friendly and to suit each farm type.

A second Sawmill southwest of the river with vehicle sheds that will accomodate the large forestry machines.
To the west of the second sawmill there are 2 large buyable forestry areas with 24m tall spruce.
There is a train caller with a ramp near the forests to load the train with logs and sell them in Marisonne.

4 flat fenced areas for placeables plus 2 yards for staging forestry machinery.
BHP and Farm Shop relocated.
New PDA map and renumbering of fields.

A multi product sell point seen in game as „Du Champs Mill”.

Forestry trees SW correct size.
Farm vehicle sheds now sellable.
Store items consistent.
Many small tweaks too numerous to list.

Requires a new game start.

Author: Digipea GiantsSoftware

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