Flexi Coil 5000HD / 4350 Air Cart

This is the Hatzenbichler Terminator/TH1400 modified to look more like Flexi Coil gear.
The cart has been updated with a new flash to match the 4350, and both have been changed to Flexi Coil colors and decals.
Many thanks to BcBuhler for sending their diamond tread tires to use for the trolley.

5000HD Flex Spool
Price: 100,000
Power requirement: 450 hp
Max. working speed: 18 km/h
Working width: 18.0m
Flexi Coil Cart 4350
Price: 40,000
Capacity: 10148L / 5004L
Changes from standard:
New Flexi Coil colors and decals throughout
Modified capacity to match realistic 4350 specs
4350 front tank can now hold both solid fertilizer and seed
The 5000HD Toolbar is now liquid fertilizer ready, to be used in conjunction with your favorite liquid fertilizer system.


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