Ford F250 1970

Big brother of the best-selling pick-up in the world, the Ford F150, here is the Ford F250 model, which although resembling it, was aimed at an audience that would put more harm on the vehicle, and in particular in the 1970s, the American farmers, who used this kind of vehicle to cross their huge farm corp and transport material from one end to the other.

Price: €21,000
Power: 310/615hp
Max speed: 120 km/h
Characteristics :
– Cummins 24v 5.9 with NV4500 5-speed manual gearbox (using IRL gears).
– Animations of doors, windows, hood and tailgate.
– Original and custom lighting
– Grille options (1970, 1971 and Custom)
– Suspension additions (drawbars, stabilizer bars, steering dampers)
– 4 optional side steps
– Front and rear bumper options (Bullbar, Ledbar and Camel Trophy)
– Options of additions to the case (Spare tire, Roll bar, Tool box, Luggage rack, Topper)
– Side and two-tone trim options
– Side mirror options
– Original and raised suspensions
– Custom dash lights, with working tuner.
– Everything is editable in color
– Exhaust options
– Adjustable rear hitch and gooseneck options
– Interior options (Seats, CB radio, etc.)
– Snow plow bracket
– 8 wheel setups

Author: Diesel Division Customs Expendables Modding

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