Frogs For Pond

These frogs are urgently looking for a new home. Maybe you have a pond where there is still some space for them. But be careful, frogs like to hide in water plants and are then difficult to discover. However, they enrich your water immensely.

You can find the frogs in the construction menu -> decoration -> uncategorized.

Included frogs:
– Swimming frog 1, price: 5 $
– Swimming frog 1 with frog sound, price: 5 $
– Swimming frog 1 with spawn and tadpoles, price: 5 $
– Tadpoles, price: 5 $
– Sitting frog 3, price: 5 $
– Sitting frog 4, price: 5 $
– Swimming frog 5, price: 5 $
– Sitting frog 6, price: 5 $

Slots: 1-3

– The camera of the construction mode is unfortunately quite far away. This is very unfavorable when placing small animals and small objects.
– Frogs can be placed directly into the water or on plants. Not every frog fits on every leaf. Just test the suitable positon.
– The spawn and tadpoles are displayed by season. Fresh after placing, the display may still be wrong. After the month change it is correct.
– Place the spawn and tadpoles preferably near the shore of clear waters. The tadpoles will sit deeper. Find a nice spot in shallow water without the tadpoles sinking into the bottom.
– Note: In opaque fake water, you won’t see the tadpoles because they are below the surface of the water.
– All frogs have a collision to be sold. This makes it very difficult to swim through.
– The frog 1 with spawn can be sold only in the spring about the frog.
– The tadpoles can be sold only in the fall about the frog.
– Sides facing away from the sun are always darker.
– At best, do not hide frogs somewhere in the high grass of the meadow. The storks will certainly not find them. But you might stumble across them.

If you need help, you can reach me in the forum:


LMoonlight [MA]

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