Welcome to Frontier!
A fictional map, located in a border region with a great wall separating the region.
On the one hand, agriculture has been losing space with the growth of the big city. On the other side, a large desert with a lot of space and very rich in oil.

Map contains:
-100 purchasable lands.
-50 fields.
-Soil map (Precision Farming DLC).
-Various points of sale.
-Platinum DLC product points of sale.
-Various new productions.
-It is possible to sell all pallets by train.

Dirt roads are difficult to pass, you can use a levelers to remove excess dirt.
To transport oil, you can use two trailers in the miscellaneous category.
Some products in the pallets category can be purchased and used in new productions.
Added concentrated herbicide and liquid fertilizer for higher yield, use dilution tank available in store.
Some of the new pallets are very large, you can use a large shed to store them, in the silos category.
Some decorations can be removed by cutting a specific plate with the chainsaw, for example the residential area next to the shop and also the great wall.
Collectibles are 15, hard to find, however they have an audible warning when close, and you may have to dig.


Ca e IH Magnum 7200 Pro erie

New Holland TX 32

Kverneland Enduro Pro 5000F

Kverneland iXter B18

New Holland 8340

American Farmhou e

Telehandler Pallet Fork

Lizard Apache Fleet ide 1958

Old Time hed Pack

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