FSH Modding Map 5

The FSH Modding map with a lot of new things: 2 new trains have been added, landowners are new (pictures), extreme terrain angle has been added,
the mode in which the furrow changes from about 360 degrees to about 10 degrees when plowing etc.,
the basic multiple angle changes every 25 degrees.
The good news for me is that I made the forest more atmospheric and the trees
themselves have been replaced by paper trees and paper shrubs, these are seasonal trees.
I mainly fixed them, so I didn’t change the style of the map, but I replaced the colder trees and bushes.
It is advisable and feels good to restart the folder, as this will load extreme terrain angles for example.
The FS22FSHv5_unzip_me content should be placed in the mods folder.

Author: FSH Modding

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